Every cat is beautiful and exceptional but what is the most mysterious and wonderful creature in the world? It’s the Russian Blue cat, with its thick silky blue-grey coat, piercing eyes and unique temper! It has graceful slim corpse, strong legs and a long tale. The beauty of its neck, body and legs, the deepness of its emerald eyes and lightness of amble will conquer your heart forever! Elegance, perfection and harmony – that’s the definition of the Russian Blue cat.

It has a friendly gentle temper that would make it a great companion for you.

If you want a calm, fireside pet, you shouldn’t pick a Russian Blue cat cause these cats will immediately become self-sustained and energetic members of your family. Their cheerfulness, energy and friendliness will make your life less boring and will fulfill your home with warmness and cosiness. Under no circumstances, do not deny yourself the pleasure of adopting a Russian Blue cat! In addition, we will help you dig a little deeper into details about it.

In the section “Russian Blue Breed” you can read about its character, history of the breed and breed standard.

All information about our nursery and achievements, our schedule and contacts you can find in the section "Russian Blue Nursery".

You also can see our adult cats of Russian Blue breed on pages "Russian Blue Cat  Male" and "Russian Blue Cat  Female".

In our nursery new kittens are born from time to time, and if you’re interested in Russian Blue cats, we have preliminary recordings for you. In the section "Russian blue kittens" you might find out about current litters, and maybe one of these kittens will become yours. That section will also tell you about the adult inhabitants of our nursery, who need a new home and new owners. Animals derived from breeding are still very young, active, healthy, sociable and gentle. They wait for kindness and they are ready to give back good vibes.

In the section " Photogallery " you can see photos of  Russian blue cats, kittens available for sale, of kittens from previous litters and our cats in their new homes.

You will also find recommendations on nursing and feeding on our website in the " Kitten in the house " section. We will give you advices on raising a kitten and answer your questions about the health of a cat.

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With best wishes, breeder of Russian blue cats Oksana Semenova